Are you 1 of the 300,000 of US organizations Hit in Ongoing Microsoft Exchange Hack?


The chain of events based on the ongoing Microsoft exchange cyber-attack uncovered last week has further proven how damaging and disruptive these cyberattacks can be to our economy and enterprises of all sizes. These attacks will stand to cost businesses and governments millions of dollars. The sensitivity around private corporate and governmental information being exposed and abstracted will have a lasting effect that can not be quickly calculated or easily realized.

As history has proven,  attacks will certainly continue with copycat attackers who will use this same method of intrusion to further extend the damage and theft of information. Organizations of all sizes, Federal and local government continue to be breached. Protect yourself from another form of organized crime as millions of dollars are paid out in ransomware incidents, you just may not be aware of them.

While downloading a patch is a good start it’s important to know you may still be at risk.   As this situation is still evolving so are the mitigation aspects and to be fully informed you may already be compromised.  There is no better time than the present to take advantage of RevClouds Vulnerability Assessment.  

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that data and voice networks have the policies, technology, and protective solution strategy in place to prevent such attacks and limit the exposure of a fatal organizational event. Be resilient and have a mindset that you are taking all necessary steps to protect your organization’s future and growth. This can no longer be a secondary conversation of any company of any size. 

Below are a few key actions you can take today. 

Update your workplace policy to include weekly, monthly, or quarterly vulnerability tests (depending on your specific business requirements).  

Maintain quarterly (security/cybersecurity) meetings with top security experts for continued discussions on evolving security protections and strategic methods. This will promote a healthy security awareness program and structure.

Keep your employees aware and compliant: Build a (yearly) cybersecurity awareness program to educate the staff of known risks and updated policies.  

Take RevClouds Vulnerability Assessment, a breach could cost you your livelihood, our assessment will only cost you a phone call.